Fireplace ANDIRONS Pond Design Black




Design Specialties Fireplace ANDIRONS Pond Design Black

  • What are andirons? Andirons, also known as firedogs, have been in use for centuries. Andirons are used in pairs. Logs are laid atop the supports for burning in a wood fireplace. The andirons keep wood off the fireplace floor, allowing for better burning and less smoke generation. Andirons can be used in place of a fire grate (or basket), or they can be placed along either side of the grate to provide decoration.
  • Designed for function. Design Specialties andirons are constructed of solid metal. The bars for the logs are 12 inches long to support multiple pieces of wood, and they are 4 inches tall to optimize airflow and promote a proper fire. The rear support (back foot) is 3 inches wide, offering improved stability and to keep the andirons upright.
  • Designed for beauty. The outward-facing vertical stanchions received attention from our artists. Our andirons are designed to brilliantly stand alone or you can coordinate them with our fireplace screens, tool sets and log baskets. The three design themes include "Ivy", "Pond" and "Coastal".
  • Quality you can see and feel. Design Specialties has been an industry leader in specialty hearth products since 1983. Our andirons are 100% made in the USA by our craftsmen in Milwaukee, WI

Design Specialties Solid Metal Fireplace Andirons Pond Black sold in pairs

Package Dimensions 12 x 15 x 6 inches
Item Weight 10 pounds

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